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グランピングユニット "Banana"/ Glamping Unit "Banana"

完成      : 2021年4

completion : April 2021

材料      : 鉄パイプ、合板、布など

material    : steel pipe, plywood, cloth, etc.


movie          :


試作機として1tトラックに用に製作し、便利さと自然との近さの両方を叶える乗り物として “グランピングユニット”という名称にしました。


Truck camper, which put on a truck carrier to use. We close its top while driving and open when used, then the tent spreads accordingly with opening the top.

With the conventional campervan, usually surround tight roofs and walls, we cannot feel outdoors. And so far, truck campers are usually tall to make a space, they easily lose their balance while driving, We tried to solve these two issues.

This is a prototype, made for a 1ton truck. The box part is made with steel frames, insulations are filled its open part, then covered with waterproof sheet and finishes are on it, thus more comfortable in a tent. The roof, which appears when opening the box top, is made of tent fabric, we can feel natural light and winds as if be in a tent.

We tried a crowd-funding project to improve the unit and make the next one for Kei-truck; the most popular small truck in Japan. Thank you for your support!

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