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田舎の歩き方・暮らし方#1 「千葉県いすみ市とその周辺2024」 / How to walk and live in countryside #1  "Isumi and around in Chiba"

完成          : 2024年 4月

completion : April 2024

プロダクト   : ガイドブック、A5版、160ページ、取材、インタビュー、テキスト作成、写真撮影、編集など

product      : guidebook, A5 size, 160 pages, collecting data, interview, writing, taking picture, edit, etc.

URL           :



This is a book about Isumi City, the base of Banana Drive.

Isumi City lacks a clear main street, making it difficult for visitors to access distant locations, shops, and activities. Therefore, we compiled this book with the aim of providing information that would serve as a different purpose for those who visit with a single purpose, such as the sea, meals, and accommodation, hoping to extend their stay or encourage them to revisit. We also included interviews with eight "immigrants" (Ijusya: who moved from city) who moved at different times, delving into the attractiveness of the region from various perspectives.

There are no advertisements, and we only feature interviews with people who kindly agreed to participate and our recommended shops and places.

We have designed it to be enjoyed as a guidebook from one side and as reading material for interviews from the other side.

We also accept inquiries for purchases. (text all Japanese)

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